SmartShepherd company information Mar 29, 2020

To get access to SmartShepherd in Australia, you can contact Sheepmatters directly. Sheepmatters are the exclusive distributor for SmartShepherd rentals in Australia.

SmartShepherd is also available in New Zealand and Chile - please use the Booking form to make an enquiry for those countries and the local operator will get in touch.

Booking form

For other countries, we are looking for distributors with strong local connections who are already running a service provision business for Livestock.  Please use the contact form to get in touch if you are interested in setting up SmartShepherd in your territory.


The above link takes you to our contact page, leave a message for us there and we will get back to you.

  • Timeline Mar 31, 2020
    Major events in the SmartShepherd journey
  • Sheepmatters Mar 31, 2020
    Exclusive distributors of SmartShepherd in Australia
  • Video test Apr 24, 2020
    Video test
  • Contact Tracing with SmartShepherd Jun 13, 2020
    Using SmartShepherd collars for contact tracing
  • SmartShepherd New Zealand May 26, 2020
    SmartShepherd New Zealand
  • SmartShepherd profile at SOSV Apr 03, 2020
    SmartShepherd’s mission is to enable farmers to breed better livestock. The solution includes a wearable device that uses low cost Bluetooth technology to map relationships between free range livestock (primarily the mother-child relationship).
  • Privacy Policy Mar 27, 2020
    What we do with your private information
  • Social Media Sep 06, 2021
    Social media accounts
  • People Mar 29, 2020
    Information on current employees
  • Supporters Mar 29, 2020
    Organisations that support SmartShepherd
  • Awards Mar 29, 2020
    Awards given to the SmartShepherd system
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