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Supercharge your future production

  • Increase lamb survival

    Mothering ability isn't luck, it needs to be selected for. Increasing production can come at the expense of mothering ability. Using SmartShepherd you can identify good and bad mothers in your flock. Find out which ewes are producing twins, which ones are raising small lambs, which ones are raising nothing.

  • The most affordable maternal pedigree system

    More affordable than genomic testing, SmartShepherd can also produce a mothering comparison: which ewes are more attentive to their lambs.

  • Increase production without compromise

    Which ewes in your flock are costing you money? Which ones are making you money? Mapping lambs back to ewes will tell you exactly which animals in your breeding flock are productive. It can also tell you which sires are causing maternal problems in your breeding nucleus.

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